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Almyrida Beach

Almyrida is a pretty sea-side village in western Crete, with a little harbor, wonderful family friendly blue flag beaches and a variety of water sports. There are plenty of friendly tavernas and shops. The local area is fabulous, with it’s picturesque little villages, and glorious views of the majestic (Lefka Ori) white mountains.
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Chania,  featuring its Venetian harbor and it’s ancient dock , the small back alleys along with waterside eateries to tempt you.

Around Chania you’re sure to discover something which will end up as excellent memories of the trip to this specific unique location.

It’s natural beauty is wonderful! a lot of the Chania you’ll want to discover is actually nestled near the old harbour, all the museums, galleries, places of worship and also localcraft outlets are generally all located here.
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Elafonissi Beach

The island and beaches of Elafonissi are at the southeast tip of Crete,elafonissi beach The area and its beaches are among the most beautiful in Crete. This natural park is reached from the city of Chania in about one hour and a half (75 km) The journey crosses the island north to south, passing through beautiful villages and the Impressive Topolia Gorge and tunnel, Stop on the way at the cave of Sophia, A grand chamber with stalactite and stalagmite formations, also the little chapel to St Sophia in the cave, and for the superstitious it is said to be lucky to ring the bell when you enter the cave. To get to Ellafonissi follow the road to Vathi, and continue south to the coast, at the Crysoskalitissa Convent, Follow  the dirt track  road from Chrisoskalitissa, as it continues for 5km to Ellafonissi island and beach. Organised bus trips run from Kastelli and Chania and boat trips that leave from Paleochora to Ellafonissi. The island of Ellafonissi is connected to mainland Crete by a shallow reef about 800 metres long, it is quite easy to cross when the weather is calm. Elafonissi
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Samaria Gorge

Samaria-GorgeSamaria Gorge Crete is the longest gorge in Europe at 16 kilometers long and one of Crete’s main tourist attractions. Samaria Gorge winds down from the mountain to the beach through stunning scenery. The Samaria Gorgehas a large amount of herbs and wild flowers many can only be found on Crete. Crete’s most famous animal makes its home at the Samaria Gorge; it’s the KRI KRI (Capra aegagrus creticus) Wild Cretan Goat. This small brown goat has fabulous curled horns, maybe you’ll spot one when you traverse along the gorge! You might be aware of the KRI KRI along the riverbed clambering about, a few KRI KRI are actually seen to taking food offered from people when they’re walking through the gorge. The KRI KRI can only be found on the Cretan island, at Samaria Gorge itself, also only 1 or 2 other places around the island. The KRI KRI cannot be seen in the wild anywhere else in the world.


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