Chania,  featuring its Venetian harbor and it’s ancient dock , the small back alleys along with waterside eateries to tempt you.

Around Chania you’re sure to discover something which will end up as excellent memories of the trip to this specific unique location.

It’s natural beauty is wonderful! a lot of the Chania you’ll want to discover is actually nestled near the old harbour, all the museums, galleries, places of worship and also localcraft outlets are generally all located here.

Another highlight is an excellent selection of foodstuff being offered through the taverna’s and kafenion’s which line the waterside,

or maybe drift about, up the narrow back roads to uncover various hidden treasures,

and take a seat perhaps towards the end of the day and reflect at the finds on this amazing destination you have made.

fountainYou will want to agree Chania can be a wonderful incredible location, filled with history and


This is a place set upon an island, where most tourists encounter spectacular things and also observe the harmony of nature in all it’s glory.

Having sandy shorelines nestled around the foot of majestic mountains. Plus the coastline expands endlessly having a delicate lacy froth lapping on the fine sand around concealed coves and inlets.

The island even offers gorges, rich and Impenetrable, caverns and also estuaries and rivers steeped with religion and folklore,

lavish natural plateau’s blanketed by olive groves along with citrus fruit trees and vineyard’s growing on the mountain’s

The island is actually self-sufficient; this is a vibrant country which has an abundance of extraordinary flora and also fauna.

Chania harbor can be especially superb,anytime of the night or day;

the lighting generates a new image with every passing moment.

old harbourAround the harbour. may perhaps, be an effective way to look at and take pictures among the fine old buildings in Venetian and also Turkish style and design.

To get a distinct perspective on the harbour, Wander down the harbour retaining wall ,towards the Venetian Lighthouse.

Relax and take a walk about the backstreets,

go uphill and look back down on to the actual harbour.

Chania continues to be inhabited from pre-historic times right up until today.

3, 000 — 2800 B . c . Historical artifacts demonstrate the presence of early Kydonia (Chania)

2800- 1150 B . c . Minoan civilization Byzantine era

1252 — 1645 AD Venetian Occupation

1645 — 1897 AD Turkish Occupation

1898 AD Basis on the Cretan State, Chania has become the capital of Crete

1913 AD Unification involving Crete and Greece

Crete possesses quite a few excellent architectural gems. Including the respectable property associated with Baroness Von Schwartz,

Turkish and also Venetian invaders, affected most of the architectural mastery belonging to the city of Chania, and several structures of this time continue to stand today.

Venetians fortified towns, cities, and villages throughout the occupation employing experienced Italian engineers, as they constructed fortifications around strategic points,

along with several towers which can be observed these days all around the island.

It really is apparent within Chania, of the Venetian occupation, through the exclusive Venetian neighborhoods, using pastel coloured buildings within the narrow avenues.

Often the Venetians embellished Chania by using monuments, and great public complexes,

water fountains, loggias, clocks and also piazzas, that may be admired nowadays.

Unquestionably the Turkish occupation definitely contributed influences upon Cretan structures.

Such an example regarding this is actually the Megalo Neorio construction, this today houses the main Arsenali, Center of Mediterranean Architecture.

The hammam or perhaps the baths house, is one more influence that has been introduced through the Ottoman occupation.

venetian harbour

There’s also several examples of countryside Cretan homes that can consist of basic, cubic buildings made from natural stone, timber and also earth with one or two openings.

The outer surface on the buildings are usually decorated with ochre, azure or even pink.
Generating certain views of Chania, to resemble scrumptious Neapolitan ice creams!


Here are some photos of Chania in the evening


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